Coiling Machines

Compact 900 Series Coiling Machine (900, 910, 2-18 Floor Set)

Compact 925 Coiling Machine

950 High Speed Coiling Machine

3100 HD Series Coiling Machine


High Speed Coiling/Spooling/Cutting Machines

3150 Series High Speed Coiling Machine

3300 Series

3600 Series (3610, 3620)

3650-S High Speed Re-spooler


Reel-to-Coil Machines

Compact 5200 Series Reel-to-Coil Machine

Model 5250 Reel-to-Coil Machine


Coiling Accessories

WEMCO Heavy-Duty Coilers

Light Duty Coilers

Light Duty Coiling and Spooling Sets and Flat Material Measurer